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It’s funny how you can learn a lot from other bloggers, and I felt REALLY blessed to learn from this blogger!

She did a fashion challenge (NO SHOPPING FOR 3 MONTHS), and she picked up a lot of tips from not shopping for a while.

  • Shopping impulses can occur, but it’s funny that if you wait it out and look back later on, you actually will notice that you won’t want that specific item anymore.
  • There’s the 90% chance that the desire will pass, and this is true!
  • Quality over quantity

Finding this blog was truly epic. I learned a lot from her!

And of course I had to follow her new blog once her challenge was done:

I’ve been doing my research on the upcoming fall fashion and creating my wishlist and my basic essentials list of the few transition pieces to look for this fall. Yes, I still shop from time-to-time, but I think I have more fun window shopping and researching.

For anyone who loves shopping, it takes a LOT of effort NOT to shop for a certain time period.

xoxo Dana

So I did it! I made my very first purchase by myself, with my own money online! It’s ridiculous how excited I was! I was lucky it came literally within a few days.

Even though my blazer ($18.90) is too big, I should have gotten a small, I’m still really glad that I bought it. Why you may ask. It’s because I made a bold buy. I’ve been trying to find that perfect blazer for a long time! This feels great and I now know that I can buy a bold colour because I love it! (I love the style, fit, material, AND colour)

  • ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN! IF they can’t return my blazer, I’m willing to see if it can be tailored!
  • YOU ARE ALWAYS AT A RISK. A risk of not trying something on before actually paying for it!

If there’s one thing I’ve decided, it’s that I’ll stick more to buying accessories rather than clothes when I shop online in august on yesstyle!

I DO love my earrings! Super long and chic! They actually go past my collarbone! ($7.80)

xoxo Dana

I’ve never done online shopping before, but when I realized I would see things in my emails, but certain things you can only find online. I’m not a fan of buying things online only because:

  • I’ve never done it
  • You can end up with damaged items
  • You can get the wrong order
  • You have to follow the sizing properly
  • You don’t get to try it on first before paying
However, I did make it a personal goal to try online shopping once by the end of the summer! =)
This is my current in-love with Forever21 wishlist~

Pleated Satin Maxi Skirt
CAD $29.80

Colorblocked Fringe Earrings
CAD $6.80

Chain Fringe Earring
CAD $5.80

Long Chain Earrings
CAD $7.80

Feather Fringe Ear Cuff
CAD $5.80

Fringe Chain Earrings
CAD $6.80

Flowing Denim Vest
CAD $33.80

Longline Tribal Sweater Vest
Was:CAD $33.80
Now:CAD $16.99

Shirred Oversized Shirt
CAD $23.80

Sheer High-Low Shirt
CAD $18.80

Rhinestoned Knuckle Ring
CAD $7.80

I would never buy all of this at once because the total is almost $110, which is more than I would spend, but hey, a girl can dream right?

Anyone have any online shopping tips?!

xoxo Dana

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