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I never get tired of watching Selena Gomez’s music video “Hit the Lights“.

The vintage style, the way its filmed, the setting, the clothes, and the fact that it looks like a video where everyone is truly just having a good time.

The fashion & the vintage feel probably drew me in first when I saw this; its like a mix of the plaids from Blue Notes with the modern styles of American Eagle.

Ironically,  when I got too lazy to make more printscreens (watching a video trying to click pause at the right time is hard, or you end up with weird facial expressions), I tried googling the fashion and found I wasn’t the only blog post writing about this! How bout them apples!

Whoever was the clothing designer for this video, did a FANTASTIC job! The splatted paint denim jacket with the sequined yellow top goes perfectly in this setting along with her bubble gum lipstick and loose waves.

Selena was wearing a white knee length lace skirt with this top in case you were wondering. The bangs and even the extensions just fit SO WELL its ridiculous. Hair styles can really pull an outfit together!

What I wouldn’t give to wear an outfit like that! The American style graphic shirt with the brown sleeveless jacket and the black tights works as a great combination! This is my personal favourite~

It was really hard to get a proper printscreen, but Selena is wearing a big silver statement necklace (check out the above blog link to see). The outfit is all about playing with textures; a chunky knitted sweater with either a sequined or feathered skirt really ties in with her necklace and has such cool tones as well.

The cast in the video also had such intricate and laid back styles, it was fun watching not just what they were wearing, but how it worked with their personality and what they were doing from breaking into dance to just having fun. You can see everything from the varsity styled jacket, printed button-up shirts, denim tops, hats to the many to none layers being worn.

xoxo Dana

One of the things on my To-Do list this summer was to attempt some thrift shopping for the experience, and guess what? I did it! The funny part is that I’ve been passing this store for YEARS. That’s so sad. Well, now I know to check it out every once in a while.


Because it’s all vintage clothes, AMAZINGLY cheap prices, and these are clothes you don’t typically find elsewhere. What’s better than that?

I went with a couple friends, and we had a pretty good time. It was on a Friday where they had a “50% OFF EVERYTHING” sale. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! HALF OFF ALREADY CHEAP PRICES? I AM THERE! =)

The first is this really cute sleeveless white-striped blazer. I believe the regular price was 3.25, but I got it for 1.75?

My second find was another sleeveless blazer, but longer, more fitted, black, and has a belt. This was around 1.75 as well.

My next piece is again armless (I normally HATE armless stuff, but now I buy it a lot!), but it works with the other pieces I bought as well. It’s a grey thin sweater vest. I always think this is a really cute layering item! This was 2 bucks I believe.

My last two articles were both nice simple but elegant full sleeved button up shirts. You really can’t go wrong with that in my opinion. They each were about $2.50 with the 50% off.

Altogether, I spent about $10 dollars, including tax, which isn’t a bad sale at all!

I really recommend a thrifting experience for everyone because you can find some beautiful vintage pieces. It’s not about finding a million articles of clothing, it’s about the quality and style. (If you don’t find something, come back another time, it’s all about that bit of luck!)  Just remember to wash the clothes in hot water first!

Do any of you bloggers thrift? =)

xoxo Dana

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