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What does “affordable clothes” mean to you?

I read this quote on my Instagram by someone and agreed WHOLE HEARTEDLY!


Is this not true? Not everyone in the world can afford what they would like to have. We have budgets, some of us are students, some are just tight on finances and some of us need to learn to stop shopping all name brand all the time.

I just thought of this as today’s realization, putting-it-out-there-inspiration of the fashion world today! Afterall, we all start somewhere no?

To me, a good deal feels good when I’m not second-guessing my purchases at the counter and staring at my credit card thinking, “is this worth it?”

xoxo Dana

  • Oxford shirt- Goodwill ($2.50 <–YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! The original store it’s from is Gap)
  • Black shirt- Jacob ($10.00)
  • Jeans- Stitches ($20.00)

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I probably sounded pretty bad with saying the whole “lets’ look smart” title, but I have a reason for that, fear not! I absolutely LOVE this Oxford shirt from Goodwill! Besides the fact that it’s actually from Gap and in PERFECT condition, it really gives an basic look a touch of sophistication! Oxfords not only give a clean look, but they resonate the whole studious student vibe; the preppy look isn’t a bad thing!

I’ve been favoring the preppy school style clothes because of how well-put they are and that they go perfectly with this crispy autumn weather!

What do you think?

xoxo Dana

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dealt with this.

“I have NOTHING to wear!” I too have said this phrase one too many times. HOW-EV-ER, I understand or at least my logic has been pieced together as to WHY I say this or maybe why others say it too.

I have nothing to wear” while looking at a closet full of clothes is the equivalent of saying “I’m bored of my clothes.”

Our typical clothes = Routine. The usual. Boring. Nothing new.

This is when we aren’t using our creative energy to make our wardrobe pop, to make those “to-die-for” outfits because nothing new hasn’t been added lately.

Typically a solution can be to just go and buy some new wardrobe pieces, correct? Yes, and no. Buying can still hurt people on budgets and make our wallets cry if we end up spending a BIT too much thanks to that half off sale we passed by.

Try these:

  • Keep some go-to outfits handy and ready in your closet
  • Try to mix up new things– try that daring colour combination
  • Wear something old in a totally new way
  • Perhaps borrow an accessory or article of clothing from mom/dad/bro/sis/whoever and rock it
  • IF shopping, try THRIFTING or shopping at an OUTLET or WAREHOUSE (saves a TON of money + no guilt)

How do YOU deal with this?

xoxo Dana

One of the things on my To-Do list this summer was to attempt some thrift shopping for the experience, and guess what? I did it! The funny part is that I’ve been passing this store for YEARS. That’s so sad. Well, now I know to check it out every once in a while.


Because it’s all vintage clothes, AMAZINGLY cheap prices, and these are clothes you don’t typically find elsewhere. What’s better than that?

I went with a couple friends, and we had a pretty good time. It was on a Friday where they had a “50% OFF EVERYTHING” sale. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! HALF OFF ALREADY CHEAP PRICES? I AM THERE! =)

The first is this really cute sleeveless white-striped blazer. I believe the regular price was 3.25, but I got it for 1.75?

My second find was another sleeveless blazer, but longer, more fitted, black, and has a belt. This was around 1.75 as well.

My next piece is again armless (I normally HATE armless stuff, but now I buy it a lot!), but it works with the other pieces I bought as well. It’s a grey thin sweater vest. I always think this is a really cute layering item! This was 2 bucks I believe.

My last two articles were both nice simple but elegant full sleeved button up shirts. You really can’t go wrong with that in my opinion. They each were about $2.50 with the 50% off.

Altogether, I spent about $10 dollars, including tax, which isn’t a bad sale at all!

I really recommend a thrifting experience for everyone because you can find some beautiful vintage pieces. It’s not about finding a million articles of clothing, it’s about the quality and style. (If you don’t find something, come back another time, it’s all about that bit of luck!)  Just remember to wash the clothes in hot water first!

Do any of you bloggers thrift? =)

xoxo Dana

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