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It’s called Old Navy Solider because I just realized that everything but my belt is from Old Navy! How ironic is that? =)

  • Shirt- Old Navy ($5.00) <–Clearance!
  • Shorts- Old navy ($5.00) <–Clearance!
  • Cardigan- Old Navy ($15.00)
  • Belt- Urban Planet ($2.50)
  • Flower studs- Forever21 ($3.80) <–Set of 3 studs

Please mind my very weird expression! I’m actually not sure if this outfit is really all that great, if it’s a hit & miss I can totally accept that. I was really happy to wear some silver-gold accessories cause I only wear silver sadly. Finally achieved loose beach wave curls!

I bought this cardigan, and I’m not used to bright bold colours, but I am DETERMINED to match outfits up with it! It’s amazing how much an outfit can change with one bold colour added! This outfit went from beachy to bold in 2 seconds!

Never be afraid to try something new, something a bit outside of your comfort zone!

xoxo Dana

So far I’m really liking the gloomy weather because afterwards I feel oddly energetic for some reason. I noticed the sun shining and quickly ran outside to enjoy it while I could.

  • Sleeveless coral top- Stitches ($14.99)
  • Grey shorts- Stitches ($20.00)

I’ve never liked taking photo’s of myself, but I’m starting to get used to it. It also helps using a tripod now, so I don’t worry about my baby falling off a stack of piled books! I also don’t like sleeveless tops because my I think my arms are quite awkward. Guess I’m getting used to a lot of things! Have a great day guys~

Feeling a bit of some iPhone love. I do enjoy photo experimentation!

Peek-a-boo, finally some appropriate springtime weather!

xoxo Dana

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