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Now, I wrote out a post called “Risk It” and this post is a basic result of the aftermath. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of bad photos, but I learned a lot .. and what NOT to do ..


For some reason, the next two photo’s are turned sideways and I can’t get it to change …

See … that cardigan I’m holding is what I covered my camera with as it’s “waterproof case” .. that wasn’t my best idea … and it was windy .. VERY windy …

Thanks to this umbrella, this was even possible! clutching it for dear life to shelter my poor Nikon! I believe it broke afterwards … RIP.

xoxo Dana

Thanks to my friend Mark R. for showing me this photo! Quite inspiring! =)

THIS is exactly what it is. We are too scared to leave our comfort zones to truly experiment, and learn what’s out there and what we are capable of. This isn’t applied to just our jobs or hobbies, it’s applied to every little thing in our life.

Our comfort zone is very seductive. It tells us “Don’t leave me, you know you’re always safe with me. Nothing bad can happen~“, which is true, but that means you are sticking to a routine, the same thing over and over again.

Why NOT risk it? What do you really have to lose?

I came across this blog post recently:

This made me stop and think. I’ve always put the safety of my camera first no matter what (at least that’s what I tell myself, even though I’ve been through some crazy stuff with my camera in dangerous places and my baby was still fine!). But at the same time, I’ve been holding back on trying something new, something bold. I’ve been telling myself that this summer I’m going to try as many types of photography and photo’s as I can. How can I say that when I freak out with going out in the rain, any bad weather, pass up opportunities to take initiative and set up more photo shoots because I’m not use to photographing and directing people? How hypocritical right?

Beautiful photo’s truly come from taking the risk. There’s an adrenaline rush knowing you were able to put yourself out there to get that shot. This can work with anything, applying for a job, talking to people, improving upon yourself, YOU NAME IT!

Well no more of that! I AM going to risk it. I AM going to put it on the line.

… Now, if only I knew sooner that it was raining 2 hours ago … -_-

xoxo Dana

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