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In honor of Gossip Girl having aired it’s season finale, why not a post with their help as my muse?



The Cast of GG on the cover of the New York Magazine, April 2008, named as “The Best Show Ever!”

Now I haven’t watched every season, but all the buzz that goes on about it is enough to learn what the deal of it is, from the drama to the fashion. I still had enough common sense to set aside some time to sit down and watch the last episode for the hell of it.

Sometime’s it takes a show of a lifetime to see changes take place in a character, in terms of their personality, fashion and relationships with friends and family.

From the snobby uniforms in their high school years to scandalous dressy ways of the Upper East side style, it’s easy to see who’s changed in what ways. It made me think about my own transitions with my group of friends and in terms of myself.

Sometime’s appearance really is more important than we think it is. Sometime’s its not. What do you think?

I could be over-analyzing and using a really weird example for something like this, however, sometime’s it’s the hype of the media that makes us just stop and have a moment of self-realization~

Ps. I always did love seeing the way people like The Queen B dressed! It wasn’t something I could have happen in real life, but damn it was always worth watching~

So, as Gossip Girl said in the episode of “Return of the Ring“, “Good morning, Upper East Siders. How do you look today? You know image is everything. But under those perfect clothes and perfect smiles, everyone has their not-so-perfect secrets.”


xoxo Dana

I dunno what it is, but sometimes we actually need to be at an all-time low just to learn a bit about ourselves.

On Saturday, I woke up with a reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad case of the Flu (along with a surprise attack of a swollen lip AND cramps! GAH, just kill me!) that I unfortunately picked up from my dad (ironically he got better the day I got sick), and currently I’m STILL sick in bed trying my best to get better asap! Well, I don’t have a choice seeing that I have things to get done and I hate being sick.

It’s been crazy! Not using my phone or my laptop (okay, well except for NOW) because my parents would keep it out of my reach so that I could recover …

But, I actually loved it. (Yeah, even the no music part! Crazy, right?)

It was like a burden was taken off my shoulders. I felt … enlightened. No social networking, not a given damn about the world (except for how long I was going to be stuck in this coughing/sneezing rut!) for the last several days. TRY IT SOMETIME … MINUS THE GETTING SICK PART!

All I was worried about was my health, WHICH I’ve realized just how badly I’ve been taking care of myself! I’ve made a vow to start eating properly, and to try to sleep earlier! I’m also substituting pop for a good ole glass of OJ! (anyone who knows me knows I am a coke/pepsi ADDICT)

We never think about these things because we’re so used to it. We’re used to putting it off, brushing it off like it’s nothing to worry about.

You realize the little things around you BECAUSE you have nothing else to do besides sleep while in bed, so you pick up on the little things like how helpless you are, how much you appreciate whoever is helping you get better (THANK YOU MOM!), and how to just breathe and be in a peaceful environment.

I didn’t realize some friends of mine would be worrying (which is why I’m writing a post, so that they know, AND I’m gunna post a fb status stating that I haven’t died), which I apologize for! I didn’t mean to make you worry!

If you are still reading, WOW I CONGRATULATE YOU! Why? Because I can admit this is a boring post, which most people probably scrolled past, and I’m more than okay with that, as well as it sounds like I’m some preaching monk or something (NO OFFENSE!)I’ll be sure to add an extra post to spice things up a bit!

xoxo Dana

Daniel: The only thing I don’t like about taking pictures is that you don’t get to live in the moment.

Me: That’s true. I like capturing the moment for others. I don’t like being in front of the camera, I just can’t explain it.

When my friend Daniel said this yesterday while we were pouring through hilarious beach photo’s, it did make me think a bit more. He really was right.

To everyone who’s ever held any sort of camera-related device (filming included) at any point in their life, do you ever notice when you are capturing that moment, it’s like you’re basically taking it for someone else? Did you ever wish you could be in it as well, not just the nice person who offered to take the photo (ex. a group photo)?

I personally love taking photo’s. I don’t mind it either way, but sometime’s when I go through albums, I’ll realize I’m in less than a handful because I’m the one taking all the photos.

When you aren’t in too many of the photo’s, despite everyone who was there at that occasion, it’s almost like you’ve just disappeared. You get what I mean?

It’s hard because not everyone will always offer to take photo’s instead, or if they aren’t comfortable using a camera, then you may result in only getting several blurry photo’s of yourself. Or when you are enjoying yourself off camera at an event/party/ect, but no one captures that candid moment for you, when you may be used to seeing this for others and getting it.

No, I’m not insulting anyone, and to any of my friends who if by chance read this, nono don’t think this is directed to you! =)

I’m just thinking about it and doing some self-realization~

Think about your photo’s in the long run. When you look back at them, you know you’ll WANT to be in some of them, so ask someone to photograph you. Or make sure you have a nice buddy photo with your friends at the end of the day.


Because memories are so precious and we don’t seem to remember that until the moment passes.


xoxo Dana

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