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When I do a shoot, it’s like I’m shooting in a machine gun mode! The rapid fire of a machine gun is what you would hear when I’m doing a shoot! It’s such a bad habit I have!

Why? Because I end up with like 400+ photos from one session, where half of them are very similar, or its’ slight changes like the focal point, the focus or even the expression.

My biggest fear is not capturing THAT moment; the one photo where it makes me smile in content and think “Yup. This is it. This is WHY I’m at this shoot today.”

I’m always worried I’ll end up undershooting rather than overshooting. To me, overshooting is the reassurance that I know I’ll have more than enough photos. However, at the same time it will also take up all the space on my camera and at any given moment (because I shoot RAW all the time now), I’ve had moments where I stared at my camera screen in utter horror, reading “Memory Card Full” at the most CRUCIAL moment when I need that valued space and I recklessly will delete photos’, thinking I’ll be fine, when I don’t know if that’ll be the case.

After seeing a framedshow episode of Tanja, Ryan and Tia (, as well as some post-processing after shoots with some of my models (DJ and Bremely), they taught me a lot.

I’ve always wondered, or wish I could see ALL the photos from some of my favourite photographer’s sessions, to get an idea of how many photos they take, what they keep and how they choose.

It’s a very difficult process as well as a great lesson.

By taking the chance, you are making yourself choose what you truly want in your photos, you want variety in your shots where every shot is truly its own. This is really taking your photos and making them each individual, different and unique.

At the end of the day, even if I just have that ONE amazing photo, or if I’m lucky a small handful, I’m thrilled! I do worry about what others think, from how many photo’s are they hoping to have to thinking “is this a waste of my time for only a few shots?”

How do you deal with it?~

xoxo Dana

I believe that documenting has become a huge part of my life permanently. We’ve all done it unconsciously, or maybe just didn’t realize that we were doing it.

  • We were doing it when we took photos of the birthday surprises that were successful.
  • We were doing it when your baby cousin started talking and we were rushing to record it.
  • We were doing it when we were secretly writing in our journals in the middle of the night about how we talked to our crush.  
  • We do it when we’re taking a photo of your friends when we’re having the time of our lives.

Why? To remember. To look back on.

Ever since I was given my small point and shoot digital canon camera in the 10th grade for my birthday, as soon as I took a photo, I realized I was holding onto a moment in time. A captured moment. Something I know I could look back on 20, 30 years from now and remember because I had taken this photograph. Sometimes the best times aren’t photographed, and that’s okay. It makes it even more special. Over time, we DO forget these things. We will forget the things that we did, or said, but I think that’s why documenting it in SOME way is so helpful.

Nothing changes when that single photograph is taken, or when those feelings are documented or recorded, no matter what happens after that. You have preserved that single moment forever and it’s something you can always look back on, no matter how you felt.

It’s a great way to sit down and reflect. Reflect on how much has changed. Reflect on what hasn’t.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, but now I definitely am with my photos. I just can’t bring myself to throw away a memory, or delete a file that I still remember. It may not have a single shred of meaning to someone else, but if it does to me, then that’s all that counts. Several years from now, I won’t complain when I have a billion photo’s stored on my backup drive, because it just means that I have a billion memories stored away.

So why not make documenting a trend in your life? There’s nothing stopping you~

xoxo Dana

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” – Linda McCartney 

I’m trying to keep all of the precious moments I encounter in my life. No, they don’t need to be picture perfect, I just simply want to remember them. I was going through a bunch of my photo’s today since they’ve been tucked and hidden away. I couldn’t let that be any longer. I sat down and went through my memories. It was one of the best time’s in my life, reliving a million memories.

Memories are a big reason why I even started indulging into the beautiful art that is photography. There is no such thing as having TOO many photo’s and if there is, then I’m guilty as charged!

I realized that at one point in my life, I won’t be able to remember everything that has happened in my life. I wanted to start documenting it now, so I have plenty to look back on, and also have some helpful reminders of those days that made me smile. Every day is an adventure if you let it be one. Appreciate the little things. Never say “I didn’t do anything” or “nothing new happened today“, because there should always be ONE highlight of your day, no matter how big or how small, as long as it’s significant to YOU.

I used to be a bit ashamed when going through my hard drive and looking at all the photo’s I took, most that other people would give me the weirdest look and ask “why did you take a photo of that?“. But, now I could really care less. I want to see the progress of what catches my eye and makes me smile or giggle. Let’s see what life has in store for the rest of my life. I’m not going to regret it!

Every photo you take is a single captured moment that will never change, even 100 years from now. Sure, the people will change, the setting will in reality, but never in that photo. Once you look at that photo, you can remember that beautiful day, moment, hour, minute or second, because it happened.

Sometime’s the best moments aren’t captured; some are fuzzy, some are blurry, some are abstract, but they’re still there. And that’s all that counts. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in this world~

xoxo Dana

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