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  • Shirt- From my mothers closet
  • Cardigan- Club Monaco ($15)
  • Pants- Old Navy ($12 online)
  • Belt- Le Chateau ($8)
  • Bracelets- Forever 21 ($5)

I made a facebook photography page! Maybe anyone wants to check it out? IMG_2756


xoxo Dana

If your eyes are a camera, then you can truly find beauty in ANYTHING that you do … including CLEANING.

I was cleaning the glasses for the holidays and of course I got sidetracked by how pretty they were.
Before I knew it, I was grabbing my camera and taking pictures of the glasses instead!




Copyrights to Brittany Arjune Photography.

xoxo Dana

All photos are taken by me. Copyrights. Bri.Photography.

To the photobugs and everyone who owns a camera and/or loves to take/look at photos!

Have you ever found that one spot, that perfect place that you KNOW would be a place for a FANTASTIC shoot? You are visualizing the shots, the placements, the lighting, the models and EVERYTHING. But then, you either have to leave because you’re at a family outing or to come back is out of your reach distance-wise …

Don’t you think this is such a perfect, romantic spot for a couple shoot?

Oh, the gears in my brains cranked into overtime when I saw this~

I was SO happy taking this shot! Has a bit of a Disney feel to it. I’m no crazy love-struck girl, but this made me fall in love all over again~

I love gardens, they are just the epitome of beauty!

xoxo Dana

If you read my last post, then you saw my implying of the word “vlogging”. I did promise my friends I would try it once, so I did. I’ll link you guys up with the YouTube link. If you aren’t too busy, go ahead and click if you feel like it~

Locations are very vital to any photo shoot, but you don’t have to go absolutely CRAZY about it. Be simple. Work with what you have and improvise. Why? Because even the best do it. We don’t realize it because we just automatically assume that they went to this AMAZING location (okay … some of them DO, but that’s NOT the point!), but this isn’t always the case!

  • A simple environment can make it easier to coordinate a connection between the model (such as their clothing) and the theme you’re trying to achieve.
  • You have to expect the unexpected. If you do that, then your open mind will lead you to your own secret little location! Just have some faith.
  • Sometimes a plain place is good. This is because it purposely pushes you to be x10 more creative with how you take your shots.
  • Location doesn’t make the photos; YOU make the photo’s happen.

Some of my favourite places to shoot at personally are: fields, train tracks, brick walls, & streets.

What do you look for in a location for a photo shoot?

xoxo Dana

Daniel: The only thing I don’t like about taking pictures is that you don’t get to live in the moment.

Me: That’s true. I like capturing the moment for others. I don’t like being in front of the camera, I just can’t explain it.

When my friend Daniel said this yesterday while we were pouring through hilarious beach photo’s, it did make me think a bit more. He really was right.

To everyone who’s ever held any sort of camera-related device (filming included) at any point in their life, do you ever notice when you are capturing that moment, it’s like you’re basically taking it for someone else? Did you ever wish you could be in it as well, not just the nice person who offered to take the photo (ex. a group photo)?

I personally love taking photo’s. I don’t mind it either way, but sometime’s when I go through albums, I’ll realize I’m in less than a handful because I’m the one taking all the photos.

When you aren’t in too many of the photo’s, despite everyone who was there at that occasion, it’s almost like you’ve just disappeared. You get what I mean?

It’s hard because not everyone will always offer to take photo’s instead, or if they aren’t comfortable using a camera, then you may result in only getting several blurry photo’s of yourself. Or when you are enjoying yourself off camera at an event/party/ect, but no one captures that candid moment for you, when you may be used to seeing this for others and getting it.

No, I’m not insulting anyone, and to any of my friends who if by chance read this, nono don’t think this is directed to you! =)

I’m just thinking about it and doing some self-realization~

Think about your photo’s in the long run. When you look back at them, you know you’ll WANT to be in some of them, so ask someone to photograph you. Or make sure you have a nice buddy photo with your friends at the end of the day.


Because memories are so precious and we don’t seem to remember that until the moment passes.


xoxo Dana

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