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I love how simple and quick it can be to make one outfit work for several situations with super small tweaks! Sorry I couldn’t take better photos and degraded myself to cheesy bathroom photos! I always feel in a better mood when my hair is straightened. I was out with my volunteer team to meet our Korean delegation students, so I wore shorts, but I had to quickly run home and switch bottoms so it was work appropriate (curse my tall height!)

At least I got to embrace that full light, summer look~

  • White sequined tank top- Old Navy ($15.00)
  • Light brown cropped jacket- Jacob ($20.00?)
  • Shorts- Old Navy ($5.00)
  • Denim capris- Stitches ($12.00)

One quick change of pants to make sure I’m dressing appropriate for work:

xoxo Dana

Super quick clothing tip =)

Ever find something you want or need to wear, but it has wrinkles and you really don’t have the time to iron it?

Take that article of clothing, place it as close to your shower as you can, and let the water run on high for a few minutes. Boom! You now have wrinkle free clothing while showering.

It actually worked for me today on my run to work, so that’s why incase you didn’t know, try it if it happens. Not clothes with A WHOLE BUNCH OF DEEP CREASES THOUGH. Just those small noticeable wrinkles that annoy you.

Chriselle Lim also did a video on it:

xoxo Dana

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