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If your eyes are a camera, then you can truly find beauty in ANYTHING that you do … including CLEANING.

I was cleaning the glasses for the holidays and of course I got sidetracked by how pretty they were.
Before I knew it, I was grabbing my camera and taking pictures of the glasses instead!




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xoxo Dana

“Bigger isn’t always better!”

Take that as you will, but I’ve learned a bit from this. Or rather, I realized it through my favourite aspect of life, photography.

Now, me and my wonderful partner in crime, Nikki (Nikon > Nikki. Get it? I know, it’s lame) have learned a few things about equipment. When I first purchased my camera, I bought both the standard lens (18-55mm), but also a specialized lens (55-200mm). Now, the reason for this was because at the time, and even now, I’ve fallen deeply in love with macro photography. It’s the main breakthrough that made me go into photography to begin with.

(My smaller lens is all about focus, while the bigger one is all about zooming in as well as focus.)

Later on, actually about 10 weeks ago, I was at Henry’s and ended up buying a beautiful teeny tiny 35mm lens. Now, I always have an open mind, but when I saw this little baby, I thought “so, this small lens can create beautiful photo’s like the bigger lens … ?” I was slightly worried about investing in it, but Richard (the guy selling me the lens) along with a common customer of his actually reassured me. Having a lens like this is something that once you get past the painful parts of it, it will create wonders for you.

Boy, was he right! The quality, the focus, was simply stunning! This really proved me wrong! I almost never touch my macro lens much anymore because I’m so fascinated with this new one.

Yes, I still miss actually turning my lens to zoom in.

Yes, I still miss the extra length that I’ve grown so accustomed to.

Yes, I still do go back and shoot with my old lens surprisingly.

But on the plus side:

I like that I can be close to my subjects.

I like that the quality is on a whole ‘nother level.

I like that the bokeh is more of what I’m aiming for.

So I guess “big things coming in small packages” meant my adorable little 35mm lens! Never judge a book by it’s cover & never judge a camera by it’s lens! (No matter HOW intimidating someone else’s camera is because the lens is bigger than yours!)

Even though my camera friend told me to get a 50mm lens because it can create a background like this:  I’m glad I stuck with my 35mm because it actually still gives me that quality! =)

What did you learn about your own camera? What did you look for when buying/investing? What’s your favourite lens? I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories & opinions!

Ps. I’ve noticed my posts started turning into rants and therefore becoming longer! Oh no! I’ve been trying to keep it short & sweet so I don’t make any readers fall asleep! My apologies =P

xoxo Dana

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