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  • Shirt- From my mothers closet
  • Cardigan- Club Monaco ($15)
  • Pants- Old Navy ($12 online)
  • Belt- Le Chateau ($8)
  • Bracelets- Forever 21 ($5)

I made a facebook photography page! Maybe anyone wants to check it out? IMG_2756


xoxo Dana

Styling a maxi skirt is a bit difficult and slightly challenging, but also a lot of fun! This was actually my outfit from a few days ago, but it’s amazingly comfy! Maxi’s are the next best substitute to jeans; just a dash of femininity~

  • Maxi skirt- Cleo ($15.00)
  • White tee- Old Navy ($4.99)
  • Sleeveless denim jacket- Sirens ($12.00)
  • Grey belt- Urban Planet ($1.50)

xoxo Dana

Let’s be short & sweet today!

When I look back at it now, my neutral coloured clothes were my boring lifesavers. It was because I was so afraid of colour, because to me, wearing a bold colour meant that I wanted to stand out, and that was the LAST thing that I ever wanted! I just wanted to be dressed and covered up.

Now, I’ve definitely learned how to manipulate colours, even neutrals, so that it can still look really good rather than really bland. Neutrals are a great way to create a sense of balance in an outfit by toning it down a bit so you aren’t wearing too much bold colours, or too much prints, or so forth. If you think about it now, a simple one coloured tee can transform into a striped top, or a tank top for layering, or a full sleeve so you can place a sleeveless piece over. Bam, see how simple it is?

What is your favourite neutral article? Mine is any simply coloured tee. =)

xoxo Dana

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