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13. Your lazy day at home with style (in front of your housemates/bf/visitor) outfit

I’m actually going to be home for a while, therefore this post is quite relevant as to how I will be dressing for this week in a nutshell.


Yes, this IS blurry, I know! But the one in focus looked … awkward. Don’t you love when you tie your hair in a bun and it just looks “perfect” to you? A few strands of hair will fall out, but frame your face really nice. However, this is when you are stuck at home and NOT going out -_-


I don’t own really baggy sweats or anything like that. I still enjoy wearing fitted clothes that are super comfy. If I have visitors, this is something you will most likely see me in … unless I have to make an effort and dress more decently.

I swear, is it just me, or when I’m feeling really lazy I resort to an all-black attire. Hmm, how interesting. Well, they DO say that black IS slimming.

xoxo Dana

12. The outfit you’ve had the best times in

The comfiest. The easiest to wear. The favourite colours.

Why WOULDN’T this outfit be the best? Wearing something comfy puts you in a good mood and just that alone helps you have an even better time and mindset.

SOME of the many good times I’ve had:

  • Late night spontaneous firework night watching
  • A full day of activities in a new place
  • Wonderland trips
  • Walks on the docks down at the lake
  • Quick ice cream runs to McDonalds
  • Rolling down the hill like a cool kid
  • Korean youth delegation events
  • The perfect “I’m-ready-steady” outfit for those 3am road trips and awkward ‘morning’ breakfast hunts
  • Visiting family at family picnics and still being able to run around with the kids while looking decent

xoxo Dana

So far I’m really liking the gloomy weather because afterwards I feel oddly energetic for some reason. I noticed the sun shining and quickly ran outside to enjoy it while I could.

  • Sleeveless coral top- Stitches ($14.99)
  • Grey shorts- Stitches ($20.00)

I’ve never liked taking photo’s of myself, but I’m starting to get used to it. It also helps using a tripod now, so I don’t worry about my baby falling off a stack of piled books! I also don’t like sleeveless tops because my I think my arms are quite awkward. Guess I’m getting used to a lot of things! Have a great day guys~

Feeling a bit of some iPhone love. I do enjoy photo experimentation!

Peek-a-boo, finally some appropriate springtime weather!

xoxo Dana

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