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Today is a windy, rainy sorta bad weather day that is the one thing all commuters like myself hate! However, today I am home for the day and I was thinking of all the things I can do today and thought I might share it with you fellow bloggers!


  1. SLEEP IN! (Let’s be real, we all need it!)
  2. Spend that morning till noon reading all those blogs you’ve been meaning to catch up on!
  3. Read a magazine and enjoy that simple quiet time with some music~
  4. Watch some YouTube videos to stay up-to-date with your favourite YouTuber’s!
  5. Read a couple of chapters from that book you’ve been meaning to catch up on
  6. Appreciate the fact that you are still super cozy and comfy in those pajama’s and snuggled up in bed
  7. Make yourself a hot cup of hot cocoa with whip cream or a refreshing vanilla ice cream smoothie because you deserve it
  8. Hide yourself away and dedicate some time to write in your journal or draw in your sketchbook
  9. Look through images for some inspiration and make collages if you are like me; always in need of inspiration!
  10. Waste away some hours in the middle of the day to give yourself a well-needed nap
  11. Watch some movies you’ve been telling yourself to see! (I finally saw Coraline last night!)
  12. Go through your closet and make some brand-new outfit combinations
  13. Then re-vamp your room in big or small ways!~
  14. Create that bucket list you’ve been meaning to tackle on!
  15. Keep away from the interacting with people today and take photo’s or do whatever let’s you have fun!
  16. Reflect on your life; are you doing everything you want to do?

How do you spend your lazy day? =)

xoxo Dana

This morning I actually decided to take the time and properly enjoy the beauty of blogging. The last while I’ve only been speeding through posts, mainly skimming my reader, and updating my posts daily (still at one post a day and none missed, woohoo!) because I’ve been getting randomly busy going out and so forth. I woke up feeling like I’ll have a lazy day, which I am, to take some time to blog.

Reading all these blogs by people is so amazing! The things they post, things they see, their everyday life and what they have to say, I just love it! (I’m feeling this burst of creativity to take lots of photos’ and make a few more posts today =D)

I was able to find more people to follow, find quirky posts, and like stuff too for once. Heck, I even started leaving lots of comments! I never had the time to do that, and it felt great!

What I don’t get is that the really awesome blogs or really cool and inspiring posts that may be a tad bit longer to read don’t get as many comments or likes. That’s a bit of a downer, because when you feel really great about something you’ve posted, you truly hope someone else might feel the same too!

But fear not, blog for yourself and ONLY yourself~

No, I don’t regret taking several hours simply dedicated to look at what people are blogging. I’ll make up for it later on this week =)

Why do you blog, or why did you start? =)

xoxo Dana

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