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Shay Mitchell, commonly known as “Emily Fields” on the hit show Pretty Little Liars is helping to kickoff and showoff her skinnies for American Eagle OutfittersLive Your Life” campaign for Fall 2012!

I personally adore Shay and her fashion. She has such a great personality and it really adds to her style~

American Eagle, not somewhere I shop at (price and style-wise) really went all out for their campaign! It draws in the eye with their quirky styles and their originality. I’m a sucker for great advertising and they get a 10/10 from me! Even if you don’t shop there, I highly recommend checking out their site at least!

The video for Shay’s behind-the-scene photoshoot:

This season, AEO is all about expressing your individual style and finding your own look,

which is why they’ve chosen an awesome and eclectic group to represent the new collection, complete with athletes, musicians, and even students.


Have a look at the other guys and girls denim styles! Trust me, the site makes it quite interesting and interactive, it’s worth seeing~


Under the section “Top off your fit”, every jean style has someone modelling it in several stylish AEO tops.


What do you think?

xoxo Dana

I was walking past the store Aeropostale and saw a HUGE poster of Chloe Moretz in front! I stopped and stared. Next thing I know, I was at home googling this up, and giving this girl a thumbs up! ( )

The 15-year-old actress has just been named Aéropostale’s celebrity brand ambassador! What does this mean? That Moretz will star in a campaign for the brand, beginning with the 2012 back-to-school season.

Personally, Chloe is just this super adorable and young girl that knows how to have fun with fashion and she just makes anything work because of her outgoing personality. I really found this out through seeing her on the cover of Seventeen magazine and looking at her behind-the-scenes footage:

Chloe is what I would define as feminine, fun and chic. She knows how to stay comfy, but still have fun with what she wears.  Below are her promo photo’s with the captions labelled underneath. Check out the site:

Breaking hearts-cool as can be in jeans & our moto jacket.

Leaps & Bounds- layers of texture topped with a bold hat.

Laid Back- casual as ever in our jeggings & tee layered with our fleece vest.

All Class- never missing a beat in animal denim print.

Colour Me This- lace leggings rock a classic mohair sweater.

The New Bohemian- our long patterned skirt & cardigan; mix it up boho chic.

What do you think of her? The bohemian and breaking hearts looks are my two personal favourites. I think for such a young girl, she can make it work representing this store~

xoxo Dana

3rd. Something you’re wearing for the first time

I’m putting it as two different things; my new white sequined top from Old Navy + striped bag from Old Navy

I don’t really wear sparkly or glittery looking articles, but this just caught my eye. Only the front is sequined and the back is sequin-free which I find really nice. This is what I consider a tank top with a punch, because it just made my outfit look a bit more chic and put together~

Below is my now new favourite nautical inspired bag, also from Old Navy! This bag not only made me buy it because of it’s gorgeous look and stripes but because of it’s strength and size! I’m the girl who needs a BIG bag that can actually hold weight! This baby does the job~

OOTD details:

  • Sequined tank top- Old Navy ($15.00)
  • Long green cardigan- Gift
  • Dark wash jeans- Stitches ($20.00)
  • Bag- Old Navy ($20.00)

This might become one of my “on-the-run-to-work” outfits~

xoxo Dana

This is my GO-TO outfit. No matter how I’m feeling, or how my hair looks, or how the weather is, this my outfit, rain/wind/show/sunshine! This outfit is based on comfort, it’s versatility, and simplicity.

This is the dress down version of it. I prefer to wear a nude tank top to give it a nice simple look. Also, very basic jewellery: necklace, silver earrings, and 3 silver rings. It can easily be dressed up to be more formal by tucking the shirt inside my jeans or let loose freely for a casual look.

As I wrote in a closet basic post earlier, everyone (females AND males) should have that one pair of super comfy jeans. These are mine. They slip right on, the pockets are big enough for my phone with no trouble, the darkwash colour allows it to go with many outfits for a chic look, and they kind of look flattering (in my opinion).

  • Tank top- Old Navy ($5.00)
  • Sheer button up top- Old Navy ($30.00)  <–ONLY top I’ve ever bought at full price because it was the LAST extra small!
  • Jeans- Stitches ($20.00)

What’s your “go-to” outfit? =) Till next time~

xoxo Dana

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