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It’s already a month into summer! How have you been spending it? Don’t regret a single minute of it and let it go to waste!

LIVE IT! You’ll never get it back~

This morning, I saw a tweet about Taurus’ (I’m not a ridiculous believer in horoscopes, but it’s fun from time to time!)

It said, “You cannot tell a #Taurus to stay at home” (@XSTROLOGY)

I found this amusing. It’s a bit true to me personally, especially for this summer. I refuse to stay in my house and be bored and unproductive for even a single day because it’ll drive me nuts (even when I stay home, I clean or take photos). Don’t be that person who SAYS the things you want to do … but doesn’t end up doing it.

Seeing a friend of mine, SummerGal 101, write a post about her summer motivation ( and making a bucketlist was simply inspiring~

“What do you want to have accomplished by the end of your summer?”

Don’t think of it as a major pressure to do “extraordinary” things, but rather, have a highlight to your day, something that you enjoyed as small as it may be~

So far, I’m enjoying my summer already!

  • Working as much as possible (while looking for another job)
  • Late night days at coffee catching up with old friends for HOURS
  • Lots and lots of photoshoots
  • Going to Centre Island
  • Summer school (Photography 1, woohoo!)
  • Actually watched a hockey game
  • Set off fireworks for Victoria Day
  • Planning movie marathons
  • Planning a road trip to Alberta to visit a friend
  • Booking off vacation time for the first time in my life!
  • Explore the city
  • Create personal projects
  • Finding new places to go to
  • A bit of clubbing and partying here and there~
  • Going to high park to see the Cherry Blossoms
  • Photographing concerts with the old volunteer team
  • Working in a darkroom again for the first time in years
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Thrifting adventures

What will you do this summer?

Make a promise to yourself and keep it~

xoxo Dana

I’m GLAD I write down everything & save bookmarks RELIGIOUSLY on my computer through my emails! Just a few hours ago, I was out shooting for a vlog (ATTEMPTING) of my location scouting, and I thought randomly *this reminds me of that really awesome link I read years ago .. I wonder if I still have it.*┬áBefore I knew it, I was tearing apart my hotmail to find it, & then YES! I FOUND IT!

Basically in a nutshell: “Photography is a Journey” <–Anyone agree with this?

I believe this SO MUCH. The scary part was reading through the 5 phases and saying “OMG THAT IS ME! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!

I truly get re-inspired every time I read this. This link, the author who wrote it, will never know how much they helped me out because I was in Phase 4- The Photographic Lull at the time when I stumbled across it. It’s like peering into the brain of someone being introduced to photography. Whether you are into photography or not, I implore you to have a look and read it, it’s really worth it! I hate the idea of having this link all to myself, I just feel like it really needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

Phase 1– The Possibilities Are Limitless

Phase 2– The Gear What-Ifs

Phase 3– The Official Assignment

Phase 4– The Photographic Lull

Phase 5– Defining The Photographer In You

I have joined this journey. Would you like to come along as well? Happy Reading~

xoxo Dana

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