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Vietnam truly is beautiful. I envy how stunning the women look! When I was at Carabram at the Vietnam pavilion, they gave us each a copy of their magazine, The Viet Sun (Volume VI- July 2012). I fell in love with their beauty, style, fashion & lifestyle~

xoxo Dana

Maybe you’ve seen photo’s of long streaks of light, perhaps on a highway or people writing words with light? Yup, long exposure (sometimes double exposure depending)

Well, me and my girl Dj decided to do an experimental shoot indoors. Lately she’d been experimenting with her scanner, iPhone, & Mac. This girl is amazing with what she came up with! I was so glad she asked to do this, it was just nuts! We had very interesting results, so I thought I would share some sneak peeks with you guys!

©DJ Grewal DESIGN 2012


Just one more thing crossed off my To-Do list, but something more to look into and try.  Always be willing to experiment! =) Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Shot with the NikonD5000 (aka Nikki!) using the Shutter-Priority setting.


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