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I took this yesterday because I realized I didn’t know what I was gunna wear. I’m actually wearing this tonight, but I’m so booked today I wanted to make sure I meet my goal of one post a day! Tonight is my girl Dj’s birthday dinner at Pickle Barrel, so she chose a formal dress code. I enjoy dressing up, but I’m still getting used to skirts.

  • Sleeveless grey cheetah top- Old Navy ($18)
  • Black skirt- Urban Behaviour ($5)

Happy Friday~

xoxo Dana

After all, every girl should have a little black dress~

(Click on the photo, to view in better quality.)

Anything I buy, I make it worth it’s money. Even if it’s a dress. I like to buy clothes that can be worn with AT LEAST 3 different outfits. That’s my rule. Why waste money on something you’ll only wear once?

This is a very simple black lace dress from Urban Planet ($14.99) that I’m planning to wear to a hall. I didn’t want to invest in a very expensive dress that I won’t wear because I don’t go out to fancy places too often, I’d rather buy a dress I can still wear casually.

  1. Adding a belt instantly gives the dress a bit more shape and defines where your waistline is. Try a longĀ pieceĀ of ribbon or any other belt you own to give it a unique style! (Belt- Urban Planet $3)
  2. Work with a colour palette and match up. I chose a long super light brown cardigan to match my brown belt, giving it a cute but casual style. Black really DOES go with everything. (Cardigan- Joe Fresh $9)
  3. The most timeless piece in any wardrobe, the jean jacket. I love mixing white and black together, but try an sleeveless, coloured denim, or those beautiful dark blue cropped jackets! (White jean jacket- Old Navy $25)
  4. Tops that you can tie at the bottom are really popular now, but they work well with skirts and dresses! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styled tops, like the exposed shoulder! The shirt actually makes the dress appear as a skirt! Ta-da! (Top- Costa Blanca $29)
  5. Sometime’s we need that lightness for a nice spring day and a sheer top works great! These tops you can tie or leave open and it still looks really nice. Fix your top based on how you feel! (Sheer Button-Up Top- Old Navy $30)
  6. Patterns! They can do wonders! Strips, polka dots, you name it! Why not take a chance with them? This top actually has a bit of a nautical feel to it. (Top- Old Navy $5.99)
  7. Blazers make anything look formal! I forgot to switch my belt to a grey one, oops! Adding some silver accessories (ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet) to jazz up this outfit, and I’m ready to start something big! (White Blazer- Forever 21 $30)
  8. Scarves alone have multi-functional uses, and this is one of them! Draping a sheer or silk scarf over a dress has that evening dinner date feel to it effortlessly made. This is also a great way to have some form of “sleeves” if you don’t like your arms to be bare. (Scarf- Boutique shop in Ajax $7.99)
  9. Last but certainly not least, texture! Experimenting with clothes that have their own texture is bound to make some funky creations! This polka dot top has a sheer look, clings to your waist, and is very light and feathery, working really well with cinching in my waistline again creating the illusion of a skirt! (Polka Dot Top- Urban Planet $18)

Of course there are still numerous ways to style a simple dress, this is just the tip of the iceberg! I hope you liked some of these stylings! How would you style this dress? I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo Dana

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