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  • Red dress- Le Chateau ($60)
  • (fake) pearl bracelets- Forever 21 ($5 for a set of 3)
  • Basic silver band ring- Aldo ($3)
  • Leopard print infinity scarf- Old Navy ($12)
  • Black jeans- Sirens ($20)
  • Beige cardigan- Old Navy ($15)

Sorry about lack of posts! Until I actually wear decent outfits I’ll be posting my past week instagram outfit pictures (Instagram: briichan)! Bear with me!

I recently went to a wedding and picked up a red dress from Le Chateau, which is hard for me to do because I DIDN’T BUY THE BLACK ONE, OMG.

IMG_1432  IMG_1577 IMG_1581 IMG_1583

I realized my school outfit the next day really tied in with the same colours as my outfit for the wedding!~IMG_1918
This red top looks absolutely gorgeous. What I wouldn’t give to go into Urban Behavior and buy if right off the mannequin!IMG_1535

xoxo Dana

  • Hat- gift
  • Earrings- Ardene ($4.50)
  • Black tube top- Urban Planet ($5.00)
  • Sheer button-up- Old Navy ($30.00)
  • Black shorts- Urban Planet ($8.00)
Today was a pretty hot day, and boy was wearing a hat needed! It’s always fun to try new looks and that’s exactly what fashion presents .. as well as summer time and a lot of free time … Sheer tops are great when you don’t want to wear a top that you’ll just get hot in. On top of that, wearing a tube top provides enough coverage to still stay decent =)

xoxo Dana

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