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  • Maxi Skirt- Sirens ($10)
  • White Tee- Old Navy ($3 -Clearance)
  • Crop Top- Gift

Back with an OOTD! (Okay, well this I wore a few days ago, but until I get some pretty photo’s up, I still wanted to keep updating the blog!)

*Sorry for the cruddy iPhone quality!

IMG_4338 IMG_4339 IMG_4340 IMG_4353

xoxo Dana

CONFESSION: For a really long time, I’ve always wished I could buy a knitted top, maybe off-white or maroon from H&M, and pair it with a gold sequined skirt from Forever21. I don’t know why, but I STILL want to wear it. Problem? WHERE would I wear that to?


I still need to stock up on my sweaters & LOVING H&M’s line for fall fashion 2012!


The Peter Pan collar trend is absolutely ADORABLE!


In LOVE with this skirt, but also THIS OUTFIT! So basic, yet well put together!

xoxo Dana

12. The outfit you’ve had the best times in

The comfiest. The easiest to wear. The favourite colours.

Why WOULDN’T this outfit be the best? Wearing something comfy puts you in a good mood and just that alone helps you have an even better time and mindset.

SOME of the many good times I’ve had:

  • Late night spontaneous firework night watching
  • A full day of activities in a new place
  • Wonderland trips
  • Walks on the docks down at the lake
  • Quick ice cream runs to McDonalds
  • Rolling down the hill like a cool kid
  • Korean youth delegation events
  • The perfect “I’m-ready-steady” outfit for those 3am road trips and awkward ‘morning’ breakfast hunts
  • Visiting family at family picnics and still being able to run around with the kids while looking decent

xoxo Dana

So apparently turning 19 today is a milestone for me. Go figure. They say these things when you’re born, when you turn 16, graduate highschool and whatnot. But I like to treat it like any other day. Not badly, but I just maybe go out and hang with some friends. Anyways– on to le outfit!

White is a really popular colour this spring/summer! Strips are also quite a growing trend as well! Combining the two was a lot of fun!

I actually tried out this outfit yesterday & I fell in LOVE. It has a nautical let-take-a-walk-along-the-boardwalk feel! I actually felt really photogenic, so I took a million shots & deleted a darn lot after!

  • Striped dress- Old Navy ($18)
  • White denim jacket- Old Navy ($25?)
  • Floppy hat- Gift from my mom

Have a wonderful Wednesday~

xoxo Dana

This is my GO-TO outfit. No matter how I’m feeling, or how my hair looks, or how the weather is, this my outfit, rain/wind/show/sunshine! This outfit is based on comfort, it’s versatility, and simplicity.

This is the dress down version of it. I prefer to wear a nude tank top to give it a nice simple look. Also, very basic jewellery: necklace, silver earrings, and 3 silver rings. It can easily be dressed up to be more formal by tucking the shirt inside my jeans or let loose freely for a casual look.

As I wrote in a closet basic post earlier, everyone (females AND males) should have that one pair of super comfy jeans. These are mine. They slip right on, the pockets are big enough for my phone with no trouble, the darkwash colour allows it to go with many outfits for a chic look, and they kind of look flattering (in my opinion).

  • Tank top- Old Navy ($5.00)
  • Sheer button up top- Old Navy ($30.00)  <–ONLY top I’ve ever bought at full price because it was the LAST extra small!
  • Jeans- Stitches ($20.00)

What’s your “go-to” outfit? =) Till next time~

xoxo Dana

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