Take a minute and read. I bet you feel the same way this writer does!

As young people, we are probably the most empowered, the ones that have the most resources at our fingertips, the ones who can build the most connections, yet half of us are sitting here, on Facebook, or shopping, or taking pictures of ourselves, and not giving a fuck about the world around us. Why is that? It’s not that we just don’t care about what’s going on with politics- our apathy stems from so many things- what’s going on with the environment, clubs on campus that raise awareness, our relations to the rest of the world- all of this just takes too much “time and effort” to care, we feel that other people might be taking care of the world so we don’t need to. But then, are we really being global citizens? Not a chance. Who cares about the tar sands? Who cares that First Nations communities are being…

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