This is exactly what I have been experiencing!

Photofocus (old site)

For most of us, we got into photography because it was fun.  Sure the prospect of making a living off something we enjoyed was exciting; it was a dream job. But then reality set in… what was once fun increasingly became work.

I liken the entire dynamic to that of a marriage.  I started dating my wife almost 15 years ago. What started as young romance, turned into newlywed bliss.  Add in two jobs, two kids, and other pressures and its easy to find yourself sleeping next to a stranger.

What we figured out a few years back is that we were better parents the more we were in love with each other.  Hence our standing tradition of having our own date night at least every two weeks.  We step away from all the parts of the relationship that are work and instead work on our relationship. We’re happy, we’re…

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