Females and males all deal with it; insecurities. We aren’t perfect. We all want to be. We notice all the little things about ourselves that we assume others notice (but they don’t). We make the smallest of these things into something bigger than they are. We can name off a million things we hate about ourselves and possibly think of less than a handful of nice things we actually like about ourselves. We think that if we’re perfectly flawless we have nothing to worry about. We envy those who we think are beautiful and perfect without realizing that they too have their own insecurities.

I feel like I have super long awkward arms, legs and fingers. Anytime I see a photo of me, I sit there saying “Is that REALLY what my body looks like?!”

I have THE most boniest elbows anyone has ever seen! I could most likely kill someone with these bad boys!

I have THE most awkwardest smile ever. I have a fang that sticks out, and very crooked teeth. I HATE smiling in photo’s with my teeth showing, but when I don’t, I look serious. In a few months, I’ll be braceface.

I’m extremely tall for my age, and despite everyone telling me “I WANT TO BE TALL!”, I always say “NO YOU DO NOT!”. I don’t enjoy being that tall girl because ALL of my friends are pretty much shorter than me, which I find very annoying at times. It’s weird looking down on people, and having them look up to me.

Like everyone else, I HATE LIFE when I get the smallest of bumps all over my face, because to me it feels like my whole face looks utterly horrendous and everyone is staring at me.   

But guess what? I’m starting to accept it more.

I’m okay with my awkward not-so-perfect-teeth, because eventually I’ll have straight teeth. I’m learning to accept my height more (even though I’m literally a giant around a lot of my girls), because I can enjoy wearing maxi’s and dresses. I’ve learned I’ll get bumps on my face, but they always go away. I’m just starting to accept my body shape, and who I am. It’s okay to notice these things, but never dwell. Sure I’ll still complain, but I won’t let it bother me too much =)

Ps. Listen to the song “Perfectly” by Selena Gomez.

xoxo Dana