Do photographers’ have a fear of being infront of the camera? I know I have it! I still cringe at the thought and run away, hiding behind other people and insisting “no no, let me take the photo instead so you can be in it!”.

“Why isn’t this person using a better angle?”

“Ugh, this is my bad side.”

“PLEASE just let me take the photo myself.”

“Why aren’t you turning the camera sideways to get everyone?”

“Why didn’t you zoom in more?!”


“Can I just photoshop myself into the group photos instead?”

These are all the typical thoughts that run through my head everytime I’m forced to be in front of the camera. I feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, and just weird. Is this how all my models feel when I’m taking their photo?  If so, then my bad!

You learn a lot getting the perspective of both the model and the photographer.

  • It’s very easy to direct as a photographer
  • a lot of pressure on the model to make that photo happen
  • photographer’s have to be comfortable with directing their model
  • model’s have to feel comfortable enough in front of the camera to act natural
  • both sides can have high expectations of the other and for themselves

However, I’m starting to let myself get used to it. When my friends use my Nikon, or when they have their camera’s out, I’ll allow them to photograph me IF I’m in the photo with someone else. Old habits die hard though, and I still find myself covering my face, and suddenly turning away quickly from the lens. But, I guess everyone should take a chance~

If I can, I bet you can too! =D

After all, with friends, it’s better than an intimidating one-on-one, and it can bring out the best in you, smiles and all.

xoxo Dana