This is my GO-TO outfit. No matter how I’m feeling, or how my hair looks, or how the weather is, this my outfit, rain/wind/show/sunshine! This outfit is based on comfort, it’s versatility, and simplicity.

This is the dress down version of it. I prefer to wear a nude tank top to give it a nice simple look. Also, very basic jewellery: necklace, silver earrings, and 3 silver rings. It can easily be dressed up to be more formal by tucking the shirt inside my jeans or let loose freely for a casual look.

As I wrote in a closet basic post earlier, everyone (females AND males) should have that one pair of super comfy jeans. These are mine. They slip right on, the pockets are big enough for my phone with no trouble, the darkwash colour allows it to go with many outfits for a chic look, and they kind of look flattering (in my opinion).

  • Tank top- Old Navy ($5.00)
  • Sheer button up top- Old Navy ($30.00) ¬†<–ONLY top I’ve ever bought at full price because it was the LAST extra small!
  • Jeans- Stitches ($20.00)

What’s your “go-to” outfit? =) Till next time~

xoxo Dana