There are lots of different things that people believe are “must-have’s” in a girls closet. Is it the same for guys? I think I might look that up =) Anyways, I always find the ‘wardrobe basics’ quite amusing and also quite true. This is a list of my compilation. You’ll notice comfort is used a lot for these items =)

  1. Fitted tee: A fitted top says “I’m happy with the way that I look” and it’s super easy to dress it up or dress it down. It’s a simple and timeless piece.
  2. Flats: Yes, flat, not high heels or pumps. Every girl can own a really cute pair of flats that she can totally rock and NOT have her feet hurt from. Sure heels are great and sexy, but they can be a bit pricey if not painful. Besides, who says really nice flats can’t go with a dress or a formal outfit?
  3. YOUR comfort piece: This can be that really awesome sweater you stole from your dad, that epic graphic tee from god-knows-how-long ago that you still have, or that seriously to-die-for comfy jogging pants. This piece is a go-to piece when you don’t feel like putting together a really cute outfit. BUT, this is something that can STILL look really good and even better, YOU always feel comfy when wearing it.
  4. Bag: A simple neutral coloured multi-functional bag is something that any girl can be seen walking around with. Whether it’s a one strap, double strapped, a small/big clutch, over the shoulder, it should have the space you need. If you’re like me, I use big bags because I carry lots of stuff with me instead of cute tiny sequined bags. Personalize your bag based on your lifestyle. Colour can also be really nice, but I personally think a neutral bag can go with many more outfits with less worry.
  5. Super comfy jeans: That one pair of feel-good jeans that slips on like a dream and gives you a flattering shape. Jeans should be comfy, not stiff, because you need to be able to breathe in them, not just look cute. And it doesn’t even matter if they’re slightly old or have that rugged feel, that’s been a style for a while!
  6. That one coloured item: A lot of people can look at their closet and notice there’s always neutral colours they always buy unconsciously. I’ve started trying to buy an occasional coloured piece to add to my wardrobe, sometimes a bold or pastel colour. It’s something fresh and new. Also think about texture and pattern too.
  7. Thick or thin scarf: A chunky infinity, a light flowy scarf, or a long patterned scarf, there are so many options. The variety from colour, pattern and texture makes it even better. Scarves are a great way to add a bit of flair to a basic outfit, especially with the numerous ways to wear it (shawl style, headband, a cute flyaway, ect.) and provide some coverage for your neck from any winds.
  8. Cardigan: I actually fell in love with cardigans this year! It’s a versatile piece and great for layering. The colours they come in are simply gorgeous and the material is great for springtime and summer.
  9. Tank tops: Nude tones, bright shades, pastel colours, you name it! If you aren’t a huge fan of colour, but like the idea of it, tank tops are for you. A nice colour under a shirt, cardigan or jacket is a tiny bit of colour without being too bold. A nude tank top is really ideal to have for any formal or really dressy top you may own, seeing that it can provide extra coverage for you.
  10. Black scrunchie and/or bobby pins: The dollar store’s best product at the cheapest price and our worst nightmare when we always lose them or break them no matter what. I think of this as a closet basic because sometimes the hair really helps with the outfit. A good loyal scrunchie can be your hero when you are faced with bad weather. Bobby pins help with keeping those loose strands out of your face too.
  11. Fitted jacket: Open flyaways, leather jackets, and sweaters included! These are good for the weather, to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. You can’t go wrong with one of these.


  • Accessories <–This is NOT what I consider a “MUST-HAVE” because this is more of a personal preference. Not all girls like the idea of wearing jewellery. But, I say at least once, try some. Whether it’s a big statement necklace, or a simple little silver ring. Maybe try some colour if all your clothes are more neutral coloured.

I guess the reason there even ARE closet basics is because these pieces alone can create numerous outfits with a bit of mix and matching. You never have a limit of what a few items can do. Try and experiment, I’m sure you’d surprise yourself. I know I have.

Building your wardrobe around essential everyday pieces can also help you financially. You won’t worry as much about the prices of these things because they can generally come at an inexpensive price (heck, you could buy multiple’s if the price is good!).

Just remember, name brand really doesn’t matter (says the girl whose glasses have the word Prada printed on the side. But I’m serious!). Most of the clothes I buy are from clearance and sales. I will wait a LONG time (months) for something I REALLY like to get marked down because I would feel guilty when I go over my budget (anyone else feel like that?) don’t feel pressured to buy expensive items because of what tv and society tells you. You can find the same things stars are wearing at local stores for decent prices! If you’re wearing it, you should like it! But do treat yourself once in a while because you can 😉

What are your closet basics? There’s many things people love to splurge on, but always being conscious is the best way to go! Happy spring shopping!

Xoxo Dana