Can’t create?

Writers block?

Totally stuck?

Given up?

You have come across what everyone experiences … lack of creativity! You my friend, are ready to throw in the towel, frustrated at yourself, and you want to just flat out quit after you throw your work out of the window. Well guess what? I’m telling you to STOP RIGHT THERE. So, it happens. Who cares? It doesn’t last FOREVER! I know I’ve come to the point of typing in Google “how to stay creative”. I admit it. What do I find? The SAME photo and the SAME advice. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Here’s a prime example:

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is good advice, and I have used it before. But after a while it becomes uninspiring. So I’m in the works of trying to create my own personal list. (It’s still unfinished)

  1. Try something different. You are working with the same routine that you’re used to. Spice it up!
  2. Make mistakes on purpose. You can’t gain anything from praise, so instead gain feedback! Compare them and learn.
  3. Don’t think. The more you think, the more it’s planned out. A bit of spontaneity can do a world of wonders.
  4. Try a new state of mind/perspective. Be more open minded. Be close minded. Think in a way that is odd to you.
  5. Document everything in your surroundings. You become more overall aware of your surroundings, it’ll help.
  6. Reflect. What normally inspires or interests you? Why? What doesn’t inspire you? How come? Answer this for yourself.
  7. Be random. Being random is practically a guarantee to come up with a good idea or two. Plus, it’s a great experience!
  8. Take notice of the little things. Really look at your everyday lifestyle. You will see things you’ve never recognized.
  9. Research. A bit of research makes you more knowledgeable and more wise. What have you got to lose?
  10. Destroy a page in your sketchbook. If you have a sketchbook or a notebook, draw relentlessly without thinking. You can end up with a pretty wicked page.

What do you do to stay creative & motivated?

xoxo Dana