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If you read my last post, then you saw my implying of the word “vlogging”. I did promise my friends I would try it once, so I did. I’ll link you guys up with the YouTube link. If you aren’t too busy, go ahead and click if you feel like it~

Locations are very vital to any photo shoot, but you don’t have to go absolutely CRAZY about it. Be simple. Work with what you have and improvise. Why? Because even the best do it. We don’t realize it because we just automatically assume that they went to this AMAZING location (okay … some of them DO, but that’s NOT the point!), but this isn’t always the case!

  • A simple environment can make it easier to coordinate a connection between the model (such as their clothing) and the theme you’re trying to achieve.
  • You have to expect the unexpected. If you do that, then your open mind will lead you to your own secret little location! Just have some faith.
  • Sometimes a plain place is good. This is because it purposely pushes you to be x10 more creative with how you take your shots.
  • Location doesn’t make the photos; YOU make the photo’s happen.

Some of my favourite places to shoot at personally are: fields, train tracks, brick walls, & streets.

What do you look for in a location for a photo shoot?

xoxo Dana

I’m GLAD I write down everything & save bookmarks RELIGIOUSLY on my computer through my emails! Just a few hours ago, I was out shooting for a vlog (ATTEMPTING) of my location scouting, and I thought randomly *this reminds me of that really awesome link I read years ago .. I wonder if I still have it.* Before I knew it, I was tearing apart my hotmail to find it, & then YES! I FOUND IT!

Basically in a nutshell: “Photography is a Journey” <–Anyone agree with this?

I believe this SO MUCH. The scary part was reading through the 5 phases and saying “OMG THAT IS ME! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!

I truly get re-inspired every time I read this. This link, the author who wrote it, will never know how much they helped me out because I was in Phase 4- The Photographic Lull at the time when I stumbled across it. It’s like peering into the brain of someone being introduced to photography. Whether you are into photography or not, I implore you to have a look and read it, it’s really worth it! I hate the idea of having this link all to myself, I just feel like it really needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

Phase 1– The Possibilities Are Limitless

Phase 2– The Gear What-Ifs

Phase 3– The Official Assignment

Phase 4– The Photographic Lull

Phase 5– Defining The Photographer In You

I have joined this journey. Would you like to come along as well? Happy Reading~

xoxo Dana

Super quick clothing tip =)

Ever find something you want or need to wear, but it has wrinkles and you really don’t have the time to iron it?

Take that article of clothing, place it as close to your shower as you can, and let the water run on high for a few minutes. Boom! You now have wrinkle free clothing while showering.

It actually worked for me today on my run to work, so that’s why incase you didn’t know, try it if it happens. Not clothes with A WHOLE BUNCH OF DEEP CREASES THOUGH. Just those small noticeable wrinkles that annoy you.

Chriselle Lim also did a video on it:

xoxo Dana

Daniel: The only thing I don’t like about taking pictures is that you don’t get to live in the moment.

Me: That’s true. I like capturing the moment for others. I don’t like being in front of the camera, I just can’t explain it.

When my friend Daniel said this yesterday while we were pouring through hilarious beach photo’s, it did make me think a bit more. He really was right.

To everyone who’s ever held any sort of camera-related device (filming included) at any point in their life, do you ever notice when you are capturing that moment, it’s like you’re basically taking it for someone else? Did you ever wish you could be in it as well, not just the nice person who offered to take the photo (ex. a group photo)?

I personally love taking photo’s. I don’t mind it either way, but sometime’s when I go through albums, I’ll realize I’m in less than a handful because I’m the one taking all the photos.

When you aren’t in too many of the photo’s, despite everyone who was there at that occasion, it’s almost like you’ve just disappeared. You get what I mean?

It’s hard because not everyone will always offer to take photo’s instead, or if they aren’t comfortable using a camera, then you may result in only getting several blurry photo’s of yourself. Or when you are enjoying yourself off camera at an event/party/ect, but no one captures that candid moment for you, when you may be used to seeing this for others and getting it.

No, I’m not insulting anyone, and to any of my friends who if by chance read this, nono don’t think this is directed to you! =)

I’m just thinking about it and doing some self-realization~

Think about your photo’s in the long run. When you look back at them, you know you’ll WANT to be in some of them, so ask someone to photograph you. Or make sure you have a nice buddy photo with your friends at the end of the day.


Because memories are so precious and we don’t seem to remember that until the moment passes.


xoxo Dana

Rings. Rings. Rings. This is my personal favored accessory. People who hang with me always know I will have rings bearing my very long fingers! Every girl should have some diamonds, and if they come in the form of really funky rings, then I’ll ALL for~

PS. No, I did NOT mean wedding rings!

I figured I would show you guys some of my rings, as an excuse to also use my soft box kit. Not all of them,  but my top set that I wear.

This is what I call my “evolution” set. I got the one on the right (Store-Aldo) from my little brother (he buys me LOTS of rings! And has great taste too.) I then got the bigger one on the left (Store- Ardene) from my trio a few months ago~

A few years ago my cousin was giving me a BUNCH of stuff she didn’t want (clothes, bags, accessories) and this was one of them! Not only is it colored a beautiful emerald green, but it also … SPINS! I”m not kidding, it really does! Pretty cool right? The spinning feature can distract me sometimes … or a lot …

This ring was also a gift from my trio that I really enjoy wearing, which is also from Ardene. I really took a liking to big rings because it can make such a statement without trying.

Both rings are from Aldo’s Accessories that I got a few years ago. I’ve worn these so many time’s that the colour is actually starting to fade. The shapes of these are what caught my eye. They both have an almost floral-like print on them, giving them a subtle touch of femininity~

This is this year’s ring from my little brother, HOORAY! He really knows how to pick them, especially when I like unique looking rings. This one blew me away, not just because it fit me really well, but because of how it looks like wings curling together~

This is just a close-up of one of the rings. I really like the style because it’s almost like a painting with it being long and rectangular.

This is what I feel is my “Victorian-styled” ring. It is very big, but really comfy. I bought it because I felt the black center piece could go with a lot of my outfits because it’s such a neutral colour. I really like the intricate designs too!

I don’t know why, but every time I look at this ring I think of a Ferris wheel for some odd reason … but yeah. This actually curves outwards at both ends, so it’s almost barely on my finger.

I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS RING! The Forever21 ring for only $1.50! Ch’yeah! Me and my friend Fazal call it “the samurai sword”! Slash! I love these long styled rings, it’s a lot of fun to wear, even though it sometime’s pokes me … in the face.

These are all 3 separate bands, but it’s really nice to wear them stacked up. My mom gave these to me, and these were my first “silver rings”, so I treasure them a LOT! I felt so cool wearing these when I was going out, it got me into occasionally buying rings afterwards~

Despite the fact that I suck at cleaning my jewelry, I love wearing them regardless. What’s your go-to must-have accessory? =)

xoxo Dana

If there’s one store I LOVE but am really intimidated by prices, it would be Forever21. I mean have you seen their clothes & prices?! Ugh, so pretty, but not exactly my sort of pricing (personally speaking at least. The guilt eats me at night!), you know?

However, my aunt came to my rescue this past weekend! She actually bought me clothes from there! I was in total shock that she actually did that. The things she purchased was such a nice variety of texture and quirky-ness, I was smiling far too much!

  • Grey open cropped casual jacket/flyaway- $18.50
This top doesn’t button up, but the back is shorter than the front. The material is so silky and smooth, you never want to take it off. The sleeve’s have a nice cuff style, about 3/4 sleeves. Because the front of the jacket is long, you can also tie it together.

  • Blue lace open fashion jacket/flyaway- $20.50
Lace is extremely popular, and if you’ve been to a Forever21 store recently since the spring line came out, then you know exactly what I mean! When you look at this top, it has a very big box-like cut to it and intricate little details. It’s a cropped sleeve, and the fabric is very breathable, but can feel a bit funny against your skin after a long while. This is a piece I’m definitely willing to give a try!

  • Long chain necklace- $10.80

There was a white layered lace cami that sadly didn’t fit me (I’m a size XS, not a S). I couldn’t find it anywhere & didn’t want to go downtown Toronto for one top. Not worth it. So I figured, “why not exchange it?”

Here’s what the white cami looked like:

I was a very excited little shopper because I knew I had PLENTY of time to thoroughly search for a nice article of clothing and to try on sizes with no rush.

  • High-low dress- $18.50

  • Cross ring- $1.50
  • 3 set earrings- $3.80

3 things for the total of $23.80 instead of just one lace cami for $23.80? Well if THAT isn’t good shopping, then I don’t know what is! =)

My rule is if you’re spending money, or exchanging, make it worth it’s money. Buy things that you would WANT to wear, not clothes your hesitant about. Make sure you like what you buy. I’ve seen too many people buy clothes that they didn’t really love, and realize they couldn’t return it (always check store policies!) and it just sits there in the back of the closet!

What do you think about when you’re shopping? =)

xoxo Dana

You know those day’s when you have a crazy burst of energy? Well, inbetween lots of photo’s and rummaging and cleaning, I ended up making a video.

Simply for amusement & fun =)

And in less than an hour to boot!

I can’t upload video’s to wordpress, but if you feel like it, it’s less than 3 minutes. (The quality was killed when uploading to YouTube! Darn!)

How are you guys all doing after this lovely long weekend? I am personally drained! =P

xoxo Dana

Maybe you’ve seen photo’s of long streaks of light, perhaps on a highway or people writing words with light? Yup, long exposure (sometimes double exposure depending)

Well, me and my girl Dj decided to do an experimental shoot indoors. Lately she’d been experimenting with her scanner, iPhone, & Mac. This girl is amazing with what she came up with! I was so glad she asked to do this, it was just nuts! We had very interesting results, so I thought I would share some sneak peeks with you guys!

©DJ Grewal DESIGN 2012


Just one more thing crossed off my To-Do list, but something more to look into and try.  Always be willing to experiment! =) Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Shot with the NikonD5000 (aka Nikki!) using the Shutter-Priority setting.


Just thought I’d share some goals for this weekend’s posts because I’m so booked I won’t have much time to actually take some photos’ and sit here reading all your posts for hours. Yes, I wrote and planned out my posts two days early before I actually AM posting them JUST to make sure I meet the whole “minimum-one-post-a-day” routine! ^^”

Summer has been around for about a month for the university students who finished early (like myself), and it’s quite weird to have almost 4 whole months off! That’s a lot of time to occupy! I figured doing photoshoots, blogging (no, not Vlogging), and documentation would keep me in check when I’m not working.

Thankfully, I have friends, like artsy-hipsters, whom like myself come across concepts to attempt. I’m hoping to cover as many areas of shoot’s & types of photography that I can! So far here’s the list:

  • Long (double) exposure
  • Fashion
  • Editorials?
  • Magazine layouts (promotion)
  • Make up
  • Scenery
  • Forestry
  • Macro
  • Beach
  • Shadows (Black & White)
  • Vintage
  • Group shoot
  • Lookbook
  • Dancing (bboy, ballet, ect)

It’s a cruddy list, I know. But, I am trying. I’ve done a few, so I don’t see what’s stopping me from trying them all! If there’s anything you know of, or want to recommend, feel MORE than free to leave a comment below! (Any tips or feedback is also appreciated & welcomed with open arms)

Here’s some collages of what I have done so far that I”m beyond happy with! (iPhone behind the scenes!)


“Bigger isn’t always better!”

Take that as you will, but I’ve learned a bit from this. Or rather, I realized it through my favourite aspect of life, photography.

Now, me and my wonderful partner in crime, Nikki (Nikon > Nikki. Get it? I know, it’s lame) have learned a few things about equipment. When I first purchased my camera, I bought both the standard lens (18-55mm), but also a specialized lens (55-200mm). Now, the reason for this was because at the time, and even now, I’ve fallen deeply in love with macro photography. It’s the main breakthrough that made me go into photography to begin with.

(My smaller lens is all about focus, while the bigger one is all about zooming in as well as focus.)

Later on, actually about 10 weeks ago, I was at Henry’s and ended up buying a beautiful teeny tiny 35mm lens. Now, I always have an open mind, but when I saw this little baby, I thought “so, this small lens can create beautiful photo’s like the bigger lens … ?” I was slightly worried about investing in it, but Richard (the guy selling me the lens) along with a common customer of his actually reassured me. Having a lens like this is something that once you get past the painful parts of it, it will create wonders for you.

Boy, was he right! The quality, the focus, was simply stunning! This really proved me wrong! I almost never touch my macro lens much anymore because I’m so fascinated with this new one.

Yes, I still miss actually turning my lens to zoom in.

Yes, I still miss the extra length that I’ve grown so accustomed to.

Yes, I still do go back and shoot with my old lens surprisingly.

But on the plus side:

I like that I can be close to my subjects.

I like that the quality is on a whole ‘nother level.

I like that the bokeh is more of what I’m aiming for.

So I guess “big things coming in small packages” meant my adorable little 35mm lens! Never judge a book by it’s cover & never judge a camera by it’s lens! (No matter HOW intimidating someone else’s camera is because the lens is bigger than yours!)

Even though my camera friend told me to get a 50mm lens because it can create a background like this:  I’m glad I stuck with my 35mm because it actually still gives me that quality! =)

What did you learn about your own camera? What did you look for when buying/investing? What’s your favourite lens? I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories & opinions!

Ps. I’ve noticed my posts started turning into rants and therefore becoming longer! Oh no! I’ve been trying to keep it short & sweet so I don’t make any readers fall asleep! My apologies =P

xoxo Dana

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